Our Story

The story of HomeJobs Philippines began when a few friends discovered the hard working nature of the people of the Philippines and their superb, unrivalled English speaking skills that sent shockwaves of disbelief. We couldn’t believe how talented the people of the Philippines were and knew that we could help!

Working from Home

Having sat in traffic for many hours in Manila and discovering that this was a common annoyance for most Filipinos, we put our creative minds to test.

What if the people of the Philippines could start working from home!?

In fact - we weren’t far off! The Government of the Philippines soon followed our thoughts and even passed legislation to legalize and promote working from home!

HomeJobs Philippine’s Vision

We want to help connect talented, hard working Filipinos who have superb English speaking and writing skills to foreign individuals and corporations.

We want to save money for foreigners by outsourcing to the Philippines whilst providing a higher rate of income for the people of the Philippines – all whilst being at home!